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By booking with WDG, your team will gain that edge over their competitors that you cannot obtain in the traditional coaching space alone.

About US

The Who Dares Gyms Sports Team Package is a unique, industry leading experience founded by Special Forces veterans, with the ability to give your team the perfect blend of ‘genuine’ military-style mindset, fitness, and mental-robustness sessions, alongside life coaching presentations.

Help your team to develop:

We are always looking for ways to improve our players physically and mentally. WDG does that by using their expertise and experience to challenge the boys and take them out of their comfort zone. This gives the players a platform to show their character and push themselves individually and also to encourage their teammates. We have found this helps bring the players together and that unity and spirit is key for us during the football season.

Alan – AFC Bournemouth coach (ex-pro player)

The Day

We have a number of packages available, that can be tailored to your team and their requirements

The Half Day and Full Day Experiences

45 min Special Forces Mindset Lecture
60 mins Special Forces Bootcamp
Remainder of the time is made up from your chosen activities

Choose from the following activities, to design and tailor your experience:

  • Special Forces Guided Mental Robustness Sea Training (60 mins – Bournemouth HQ only)
  • Special Forces Guided Self-Defence Class (90 mins – Women-only class can be separated)
  • SAS Are You Tough Enough? – Extreme Special Forces Bootcamp Class… Can you make it to the end? Take the challenge! (60 mins)
  • Yoga (60 mins)
  • Nutrition Lecture (30 mins)
  • Life Coaching Workshop (60 mins)
  • UK-Military Leadership and Team Building Training Tasks (90 mins)

The 2-Hour Package

45 min Special Forces Mindset Lecture
60 mins Special Forces Bootcamp
15 mins Closing Brief

We can host you at our UK-First Bournemouth Beach HQ.

We are also able to come to deliver Mindset, Mental Robustness, and Leadership training programmes at your own training grounds.

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