Special Forces Team Building Experience

Why Choose Who Dares Group?

Transform your team with unparalleled military expertise!

Who Dares Group’s special forces team building utilises methods practised by elite military units to foster teamwork, resilience, and leadership.

A Diverse Programme

We offer a multidimensional approach to team building, combining our special forces background with insights in psychology, neurobiology, and the study of optimum performance states, all aimed at achieving real, measurable results. We’re not just providing an adrenaline rush; we’re offering a scientifically grounded, meticulously planned experience designed to produce lasting change in team dynamics and individual performance.

Special Forces Team Building Experience

Our Focus

We understand the challenges of high-pressure, high-stakes environments, so we deliver tailored experiences to develop skills that are immediately applicable in the corporate world. We focus on five key areas:

Decision Making: Improve your team’s ability to make rapid, effective decisions under pressure.

Resilience: Equip your team with the mental and emotional resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks.

Team Cohesion: Create a culture of mutual respect, trust, and collaborative problem-solving.

Leadership: Develop the leadership qualities needed to inspire, motivate, and guide your team to success.

Performance: Instil the skills and mindset necessary for consistently high performance.

Who Is This For?

  • Corporate Executives
  • Teams needing a reset
  • Employees facing change or challenges
  • Teams wanting to reach peak performance

What We Offer

Authentic Training

Our training programmes are led by special forces veterans with real-world experience in the most demanding environments. We bring military rigour and precision to every training exercise, ensuring an authentic and challenging experience. Our facilitators are trained in psychology and neurobiology, blending scientific understanding with practical expertise to create holistic training sessions.

Special Forces Team Building Experience

Real Results

Our approach is rooted in science and real-world effectiveness, focusing on measurable improvements in decision-making, resilience, team cohesion, leadership, and overall performance. We are committed to delivering not just adrenaline-pumping activities but a transformational experience that offers lasting change in individual and team capabilities. You’ll experience challenges that go beyond simple team bonding, designed to improve cohesion, confidence, and resilience.

Bespoke Programmes

Understanding that each team is different, we offer bespoke programmes tailored to the specific challenges and objectives of your organisation. We engage in a detailed consultation process to identify your unique needs, which is followed by a meticulous planning phase, during which our experts design a customised training regimen. Whether your focus is on improving communication, pressurised decision-making, or boosting morale, our programmes provide the skills and knowledge your team needs to excel.

Special Forces Team Building Experience

How It Works


We start with a detailed consultation to understand your team’s requirements and goals.


Our specialists then design a bespoke programme that meets your team’s specific needs.


We deliver a high-quality training experience aimed at achieving measurable improvements in team performance.


Following the training, we provide a comprehensive debrief to discuss outcomes and future strategies.

Book Your Experience

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Special Forces Team Building Experience
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