THE Who dares experience

The Objective

UK Special Forces are the most unique fighting force in the world. We train, bond as a team, and complete strategic missions at the highest levels, and are at the absolute top of our game. The best in the industry.

We will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience first-hand what it takes, and how to achieve it, by the soldiers that have helped carve the history of the UK Special Forces Badge and reputation.

Jason Fox

The Mission

You will be guided by a crack team of ex-Special Forces Operators through an immersive mission that will incorporate Live Shooting Training, Immersive Missions and more…

The Day


Meet your agent contact at Bournemouth Station


Classified Mission



The Who Dares Mission will last one, two, or three days depending on the package selected – the locations are across Dorset but can be adjusted to take place in any location or setting desired by the client.


Individual events

Are you ready to immerse yourself in an experience like no other? Grab your ticket now.


Corporate events

Want to elevate your Team Development experience? We will take you and your team through our Corporate Black Onyx Experience, to showcase how UK Special Forces bond and train as a team.


Private events

The Ultimate Experience. Tailored to your location, budget, and requirements. Ever wanted to feel like a secret agent? Anything and everything is available, including helicopters, boats, and a full hunter force.

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