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James Micklem

James Micklem, formerly a professional at HSBC, now serves as a personal trainer at Who Dares Beach Gym.

Frustrated with watching friends and colleagues prioritise work over their health, he made a pivot to fitness. His unique journey gives him a deep understanding of how to help others balance a demanding career with a healthy lifestyle.

James’s specialty lies in designing fitness programs tailor-made for busy professionals of all ages and stages of fitness, from weight loss to competitions. He focuses on creating sustainable routines that harmoniously fit into their lifestyles, aiming for long-term improvement in both physical health and mental resilience.

This holistic approach combines traditional fitness methodologies with stress management techniques, ensuring a comprehensive wellness solution.

For professionals seeking to integrate a balanced health regime into their demanding schedules, James Micklem is the go-to personal trainer. Reach out to him by calling him on +44 7921 364812, to embark on your wellness journey today.

James Gulliver

Meet James, a resilient and dedicated Level 3 Personal Trainer from Bournemouth. After a transformative year in Australia honing his skills, James brings a fresh and dynamic approach to personal training. His passion lies in empowering individuals to overcome physical pain and limitations, just as he did following tendinitis and multiple motorbike accidents.

When he isn’t training clients, James is a DJ and the driving force behind Mind and Body Fitness, a company dedicated to promoting mental health and fitness.

Specializing in:

Weight Loss & Pain Management: James’ personal journey of recovery from serious accidents has shaped his expertise in pain management. He successfully coached himself back to high-intensity activities like squatting, deadlifting, and running, and now uses this experience to guide others.

In addition to being a Level 3 PT, James is also a qualified Class Instructor, offering diverse and versatile training options.

To contact James, you can give him a call on 07305247952 or email him at Join James to not just become fit, but to triumph over physical challenges and transform your life.

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Raz Bruma

Introducing Raz, a seasoned personal trainer with 6 years of expertise, dedicated to guiding clients on a transformative fitness journey. With a passion rooted in his 13-year personal training experience, Raz brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to his practice.

Raz specializes in:

Healthy Nutrition: Promoting informed food choices, Raz guides clients to integrate nourishing eating habits into their lifestyle, believing that proper nutrition is the bedrock of overall health.

Weight Loss: Raz’s strength lies in implementing effective weight loss strategies. Tailoring methods to each client’s unique needs, he helps them achieve their ideal body composition.

Lifelong Fitness: Beyond physical transformation, Raz focuses on empowering clients to make positive, sustainable changes, fostering a lifetime commitment to health and fitness.

Embarking on a fitness journey with Raz means gaining a partner committed to your success every step of the way. With him, fitness is more than a goal – it’s a lifestyle. You can get in touch with him by calling him on 07481666656 or sending him an email at

Bruno Silva

Introducing Bruno Silva, a dynamic 18-year-old Level 3 Personal Trainer known for creating personalized fitness programs.

Drawing from his personal transformative journey, Bruno specializes in:

Hypertrophy: Guiding clients through successful muscle growth transformations.

Weight Loss: Leveraging his personal weight loss experience to help others achieve similar results.

HIIT Training: Using High Intensity Interval Training for swift, multifaceted fitness improvement.

Also, a Level 2 Gym Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist, Bruno offers a comprehensive approach to fitness.

To get in touch with Bruno, you can give him a call on 07845281345 or email him at With Bruno, fitness is personal, relatable, and transformative.



Meet Emily, a personal trainer who might be small in size but is a powerhouse when it comes to strength training. Known for her high-energy, high-intensity approach, Emily draws from her background in HIIT and CrossFit to craft invigorating workout sessions that leave clients feeling uplifted and energised.

Emily specialises in:

Strength Training: Despite her size, Emily’s strength training expertise helps her clients build powerful, lean muscles.

HIIT and CrossFit: Drawing from these intense and diverse fitness methodologies, Emily creates dynamic and challenging workouts.

Passion for Movement: Emily’s mission is to ignite a love for movement in her clients, making fitness not just a goal, but a lifestyle.

If you’re ready to feel empowered, invigorated, and truly enjoy the way you train, then let Emily be your guide on your fitness journey.


Introducing Kara, a personal trainer whose background in martial arts and mobility enriches her dynamic training style. Drawing on elements from taekwondo, calisthenics, weightlifting, and functional cardio, Kara ensures your workouts are both fun and practical.

Kara’s specialties include:

Martial Arts Inspired Training: Utilizing her taekwondo background, Kara infuses martial arts principles into her workouts, promoting discipline, agility, and strength.

Nutrition Guidance: Being vegan and gluten-free for 7 years, Kara understands the critical role of nutrition in achieving fitness goals. She offers expert guidance to help you make informed dietary choices.

Personalised Fitness Goals: Whether you aim to become fitter, stronger, or slimmer, Kara is dedicated to helping you transform into the best version of yourself.

Experience a free taster session and begin your fitness journey with Kara today. Enjoy the unique blend of fun, functionality, and transformation she offers.

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