Gyms in Dorset

Welcome to Who Dares Gyms, where fitness and adventure meet on the gorgeous Bournemouth Beach. Our gym offers unique classes, team-building exercises, and special forces experiences to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our experienced trainers will provide you with personalised fitness programs tailored to your needs. Join us on the beautiful coast of Dorset and get in shape while enjoying the stunning views. Contact us today to start your fitness journey with Who Dares Gyms.

Gyms In Dorset

Discover the No.1 Gyms in Dorset

Looking for the top gyms in Dorset? Discover Who Dares Gyms, located on the county’s stunning coast. Our gym offers a unique and personalised fitness experience, with a variety of classes, team-building activities, and special forces boot camps to help you achieve your physical and mental well-being goals.

The Benefits of Going to the Gym

Regular exercise at a gym can have numerous benefits for your health and well-being. Here are some of the key benefits of going to the gym:

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps build strength and muscle mass
  • Enhances cardiovascular health
  • Lowers the risk of chronic diseases
  • Improves mental health and mood

The Gym Scene in Dorset

Dorset boasts a lively gym scene, with a variety of fitness centres catering to the needs of the locals. However, Who Dares Gyms stands out from the rest, boasting the UK’s first and only beach gym, which provides a truly unique fitness experience. Join us now and discover the best gym experience in Dorset. Our gym offers a unique and unparalleled experience that sets us apart from other gyms in the surrounding areas, including Bournemouth, Boscombe, Poole, and Christchurch. Come and see for yourself how we can help you achieve your fitness goals in a way that’s both effective and enjoyable.

Choosing the Perfect Gym for You

Selecting the right gym for your fitness journey can be challenging, especially when there are so many options available. When considering the different gym options in Dorset, you should take into account your fitness objectives, availability, and financial resources.

At Who Dares Gyms, we provide a range of fitness programmes to meet your requirements, with skilled trainers and a one-of-a-kind beach gym atmosphere. Reach out to us today and discover one of the most exciting new gyms in Dorset.

The UK’s First Ever Gym on the Beach

Who Dares Gyms is delighted to be the first gym in the UK to offer a beach gym experience. Our exceptional gym, situated on the beautiful coast of Dorset, provides an unparalleled fitness experience with stunning sea views and invigorating sea air. Join us and indulge in a fitness programme that is unparalleled in the UK.

What Do We Offer?


Special Forces Experience

Participate in an unparalleled event by booking your place at one of our Special Forces Experiences! You and your companions will be immersed in a realistic situation, pushing you to your physical and mental limits, under the guidance of experienced operators.

Team Development

Who Dares Group offers team development courses created to enhance teamwork, communication, and trust. Our professional trainers employ a variety of indoor and (optional) outdoor activities to cultivate these skills, empowering teams to achieve their objectives.

School Development Events

We offer school development events created to help students develop leadership, confidence, and teamwork skills. Our experienced trainers lead a range of indoor and outdoor activities that encourage the development of these abilities in a fun and engaging way.

Special Forces Experiences

Special Forces Stag Do

Make your stag do unforgettable with our exclusive Special Forces Stag Do package. Our programme features various activities led by experienced ex-Special Forces Operators, including live round shooting and agent RV’s.

The Who Dares Experience

The Who Dares Experience at Who Dares Gyms is an unparalleled programme that blends strength, endurance, and mental resilience. Take on the challenge of a true-to-life Special Forces mission and bask in the intensity of a carefully planned operation.

Corporate Special Forces Experience

Who Dares Gyms provides corporate special forces events aimed at enhancing teamwork, leadership, and communication abilities. Led by skilled ex-Special Forces Operators, our programmes include indoor and (optional) outdoor activities personalised to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Individual Special Forces Experience

We offer a one-of-a-kind individual special forces experience that will test you both mentally and physically. You will be guided through a unique experience alone, helping you to build confidence and build mental fortitude in high-pressure situations. Our experienced team will take you through an exhilarating process.

Private Special Forces Experience

Who Dares Gyms provides a private special forces experience for individuals or groups seeking a unique and immersive challenge. This experience for groups that are part of a corporate organisation and are looking to build mental strength, or those looking for an exciting challenge for them and their friends to enjoy.

Our Gym Events

Who Dares Gyms provides a variety of gym events designed to motivate and challenge you. Our programmes include indoor and outdoor activities, from boot camps to obstacle courses, led by professional trainers who will guide you towards your fitness objectives.

Our Memberships

Choose from our range of gym memberships at Who Dares Gyms, tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our memberships include the following packages:

  • Bronze Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package

Enjoy unlimited access to our beach gym in Dorset and begin your fitness journey today.

Gym In Dorset

Bronze Package

Get six months of unlimited access to the UK’s first and only beach gym, open every day of the week, with our Bronze Package membership. With this membership, you’ll have complete freedom to train as frequently as you wish. Take advantage of our early bird offer of £98 (usually £235) – installment plans are also available to make it even more affordable.

Silver Package

Enjoy unlimited access to our beach gym every day of the week, with unlimited training, with our Silver Package membership. In addition, you’ll receive two boot camps per week for six months and free entry to WDG Singles Games 1.0. Don’t miss our early bird offer of £250 (usually £500) – installment plans are available for your convenience.

Gyms in Poole

Gold Package

Get unlimited access to our beach gym every day of the week, with unlimited training, with our Gold Package membership. In addition, you’ll receive unlimited boot camps and yoga for six months, free entry to WDG Singles Games 1.0, and a complimentary apparel bundle. Take advantage of our early bird offer of £350 (usually £650) – installment plans are available to make it more convenient for you.

Why You Should Choose Us

At Who Dares Gyms, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals with our exceptional beach gym experience. Our team of experienced trainers and ex-Special Forces operators deliver customised training that maximises your workout. Select us for a unique gym experience that will leave you feeling motivated and empowered to accomplish your fitness goals.


We recognise that you may have questions about our services at Who Dares Gyms, which is why we’ve developed an extensive FAQs page. Our page provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding our beach gym, our training programmes, and our special forces experiences, allowing you to make informed decisions about your fitness journey.


We take pride in the glowing testimonials we receive from our clients at Who Dares Gyms. Our clients’ feedback highlights the exceptional level of service we offer, the effectiveness of our workouts, and the unparalleled experiences we provide at our beach gym.


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Looking to take your fitness routine to new heights? Look no further than Who Dares Gyms, the one-of-a-kind beach gym located in Dorset. Our expert trainers and ex-Special Forces personnel are committed to helping you attain your fitness objectives through our bespoke training regimens and exclusive special forces experiences.

Get in touch with us now using our online contact form and become a part of our vibrant fitness community. Don’t settle for just any gym in Dorset – choose Who Dares Gyms for an unparalleled fitness journey.

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