Elevate Your Corporate & Team Building Experience

Delve into the world of Who Dares Group, where we’ve meticulously designed an immersive and engaging series of tasks, scenarios, and workshops. With our programmes, not only will you drive professional growth but also ensure everyone has an enriching and fun time. Be it reinforcing team cohesion or sharpening leadership skills, we promise transformative takeaways wrapped in memorable experiences.

Diverse Task Rotations

Customise Your Team’s Journey with Our Signature Activities:

Keynote Talks Series

Our expansive range of keynote talks is crafted to challenge and inspire. While our Special Forces Mindset Keynote Talk stands out, covering leadership strategies and resilience, our broad selection ensures a topic for every corporate need.

British Military Leadership Assessments

Dive into challenges reminiscent of elite forces trials. Through complex exercises involving light equipment, participants will hone their adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Immersive Planning Exercises

In our exercises, teams engage with challenging scenarios that require strategic planning and teamwork. They collaborate to formulate and present robust solutions, honing their problem-solving and presentation skills in a realistic setting.

Situational Awareness & Self-defence Workshops

Guided by UK Special Forces veterans, these sessions offer training on danger assessment, conflict avoidance, and specific self-defence techniques, placing an emphasis on concerns such as women’s safety.

Mental Resilience Workshops

Transcend theory to equip your team with strategies drawn from decades of Special Forces experiences, enabling them to manage stress, combat burnout, and thrive in high-pressure environments.

Leadership Simulations Through Strategic Questioning

These intensive, high-adrenaline simulations are designed to mould decision-making capabilities, teaching participants to lead confidently through challenging scenarios.

Travel Awareness Lectures

In a globalised world, understanding the nuances of safe international travel is paramount. Equip your team with knowledge and strategies to navigate the challenges they might face abroad, placing an emphasis on concerns such as women’s safety.

Cyber Awareness Lectures

Our digital era demands an acute understanding of cybersecurity. Our experts shed light on best practices, ensuring individuals and corporations remain protected in the digital realm.

Versatile Venues for Every Need

Our activities can be seamlessly integrated into your office setting or hosted at one of our distinguished event venues and partners. For businesses seeking a touch of the outdoors, there’s something special.

Woodland Retreat

Located in Dorset’s picturesque landscapes, our Woodland Retreat offers a unique blend of professional development and outdoor adventure.

Engage in survival training, live shooting, and situational awareness sessions, complemented by the comfort of our upscale glamping accommodations.

The Who Dares Group Advantage

Tailored to Your Needs:

We believe in co-creation. Working alongside businesses, we tailor experiences to ensure they align perfectly with your aspirations and team culture.

Dual-Value Offerings:

Our activities strike a harmonious balance between professional development and personal enrichment, ensuring skills acquired resonate universally.

Tangible Takeaways:

Beyond enjoyment, we promise impact. Participants will walk away with innovative strategies, actionable insights, and memories that will be cherished and discussed for years to come.

At Who Dares Group, we redefine team-building, merging professional enrichment with captivating experiences.

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