Corporate Testimonials

Nadine, Buckthorn Partners Private Equity

Partaking in the 'Who Dares Experience' with Buckthorn Partners was a revelation. From tactical challenges and immersive Special Forces scenarios to unparalleled mindset coaching, the entire journey was a masterclass in leadership and teamwork.

The Who Dares Group's expertise in blending real-world intensity with invaluable learning lessons had us not only embracing but thriving amidst adversity. It wasn't just an experience; it was an eye-opener into the depths of our potential and capabilities. For firms seeking an indelible impact on their team dynamics, the 'Who Dares Experience' is a cut above.

Callum, Vantage Yacht Recruitment

Choosing Who Dares Group for our crew’s training was transformative. Their special forces-derived methods have not only heightened our crew’s performance but have genuinely embedded tangible strategies into our daily operations.

The emphasis on leadership, situational awareness, and cohesive team dynamics has led to a more proactive and adept crew, capable of addressing challenges with the precision and confidence reminiscent of special forces units. If enhancing crew capabilities with seasoned expertise is a priority, Who Dares Group is the top choice.

Mocoh Oil Trading and Logistics, HQ Geneva

Thank you to the Who Dares Group team, it was really refreshing to do something different, and we certainly all found ourselves out of our comfort zone.

The workshop was compelling and interesting; the exercise highlighted the variety and sometimes unexpected skills of our team, and everyone worked together in new and unimagined ways to find a solution. It definitely got our pulses going!

Tom, Red Bull

Red Bull's national C-suite team recently collaborated with Who Dares Group for an exceptional team-building session.

Who Dares Group not only imparted crucial leadership insights but also brilliantly intertwined it with dynamic activities that resonated with our brand's energy. Their expertise in fostering team cohesion was evident, and the experience was as exhilarating as it was transformative. For teams aiming for the pinnacle of performance, Who Dares Group was the partner to choose for us.

Maria, CRU

The CRU Conferences team met in Bournemouth, UK for a fantastic team-building getaway that included inspirational talks, self-defense, and situational awareness training by Who Dares Group. Leo Walker and his team were incredible to work with.

Donna, Y.CO Superyacht Management

We recently engaged the services of Who Dares Group for a comprehensive team development experience for one of our premier yachting crews.

Their training, rooted in special forces expertise, was extraordinary. Covering immersive situational awareness, crisis management, self-defence, leadership, and team cohesion, it provided our crew with invaluable skills that are indispensable in the demanding world of yachting.

The transformation we’ve seen in our crew’s synergy and confidence post-training is noteworthy. I’d highly recommend their programme to anyone seeking to elevate their team’s capabilities and unity.

Athlon London, Global Brand and Product Studio

Recently, Athlon had the privilege of teaming up with Who Dares Group for a transformative team-building event.

Their focus on team cohesion, leadership, and mindset was executed flawlessly, ensuring every participant was engaged and challenged. Beyond the invaluable lessons, Who Dares Group made sure the day was filled with fun and energy. We can't recommend them highly enough for companies looking to elevate their team dynamics.

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