Corporate team building events

Do you wish to organise corporate team building events to improve the working environment in your team? Have you been searching for the best corporate team building events, something that is fun and exciting? If so, you have come to the right place, as that is exactly what we offer here at Who Dares Group 

Our corporate team building events are guided by a team of ex-Special Forces operators, and you and your team will be taken through a unique and industry-leading experience. These events are tailor-made for your team, so you can pick from our catalogue of sessions to design the right event for your team.   

So, to find out more about our corporate team building events, you need only get in touch with us today. You can fill out our contact form, leaving your request and details, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Corporate Team Building

The Best Corporate Team Building Events in Bournemouth

If you believe that your team could benefit from working as a more cohesive unit, you and your team should sign up for the best corporate team building events in Bournemouth, hosted by us at Who Dares Group.  

Our team building events are guided by ex-Special Forces Operators, and your event can be tailored to your team. You can pick from our catalogue of sessions, which includes: 

  • Team Building Games and Workshops 
  • Life Coaching Seminars 
  • Leadership and Management Lectures 
  • UK-Military Leadership and Leaderless Training Exercises 
  • Survival Skills and Challenges 
  • Bootcamp Fitness Sessions 

Why Team Building Events are Beneficial

Working as a cohesive team is something that can improve the workplace environment, leading to better motivation and productivity. However, this isn’t something that comes naturally to some people, and it is something that must be fostered out of trust and interpersonal relations among team members.  

This is where team building events are beneficial, as these types of events get everyone on the team working together and trusting one another. Through these events and exercises, the team can begin to trust and work as a cohesive unit, which will benefit everyone in the workplace. 

WDG SAS Experience
WDG SAS Experience

What Other Events and Classes Do We Provide?

Here at Who Dares Group, we don’t just offer team building events for corporate clients – we also offer these events for sports teams and schools. However, we also offer much more than just team building events. We are a gym based at our Bournemouth Beach HQ, and we offer a range of fitness classes for those in Bournemouth.  

If you wish to enhance your fitness in a fun and exciting way, we offer two bootcamp workouts. Our WDG Bootcamp is available for all fitness levels and is a great way to improve fitness. We also offer our Special Forces Bootcamp, which isn’t for the faint of heart – this one is for those fitness fiends looking to push their minds and bodies to the limit.  

We also offer yoga and meditation classes on Bournemouth Beach, and if you simply wish to hit the gym in stunning scenery, we have a gym that is open for use all day. 


We understand that you might have many questions regarding our corporate team building events, our Bournemouth Beach gym, or any of our fitness classes. This is why we have put together an FAQs page for you, where we answer the most frequently asked questions we have received.  

If your question isn’t answered on this page, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will be happy to assist you further. 


We have helped many clients achieve their fitness goals at Who Dares Group, and this has led to us building up a loyal client base. This is reflected in the many glowing testimonials we receive from satisfied clients. 


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So, do you wish to take your team on one of the best corporate team building events? If so, you need look no further than Who Dares Group, where we offer a team building event that is tailor-made for your team. You will be guided by ex-Special Forces Operators through a unique and industry-leading experience, where we help you and your team work together as a cohesive unit.  

So, to find out more about our corporate team building events, you need only get in touch with us today. You can fill out our online contact form, leaving your request and your contact details. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, answering any questions you might have about these events. 

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