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Are you looking for an exciting new gym where you can go to tackle weight loss? Bournemouth residents, search no more, for you have discovered the team at Who Dares Gyms! We are the UK’s first beach gym, and we are delighted to help all members on their weight loss journey through outdoor exercise solutions. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can assist you in accomplishing your weight loss objectives in an enjoyable and stimulating way when you take advantage of our outdoor gym!

Transform Your Body in Bournemouth

For many people, the goal of hitting the gym is to lose weight and improve general fitness. If you’re determined to shed weight in an effective and lasting manner, then Who Dares Gyms is for you. At our state-of-the-art facility in Bournemouth, we have access to the finest gym machines. You will be able to take advantage of a supportive team and high-quality exercise equipment when you choose our gym.

Revamp Your Lifestyle and Lose Weight at Bournemouth’s Beach Gym

At Who Dares Gyms, we’re proud to operate the UK’s first beach gym. Situated in Bournemouth, along the gorgeous Dorset coast, our beach gym has all the facilities that you’d expect from any other indoor facility. You will be able to enjoy the fresh air and take in the stunning coastal sights as you move forward with your weight loss goals and improve your general fitness. By taking advantage of an outdoor exercise environment, you will also better your mental health, dopamine levels, and metabolism.

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness is the term used to describe strength training exercises that ready the body for daily activities. Taking advantage of functional fitness will help you to better prepare for everyday life, allowing you to complete strenuous physical tasks with greater comfort. At Who Dares Gyms, our courses and machines will allow you to improve your functional fitness routine, which, in turn, will improve your daily fitness. We also encourage rest and downtime, promoting a healthy fitness-lifestyle balance. You can unwind after a session at our beach gym at the Rockwater facility, with which we’ve partnered.

How Can Incorporating Outdoor Exercise Into Your Routine Improve Dopamine Levels?

As with all exercise, outdoor exercise can help to improve dopamine levels over time. Exercising regularly remodels the body’s reward system, which leads to higher circulating levels of dopamine, with more being made available to the dopamine receptors. Research has shown that exercising outdoors releases twice as much dopamine as indoor workouts! In layman’s terms, dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good. The more you exercise regularly, particularly outdoors, the more dopamine will be released throughout your body, improving your overall mood.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Outdoor Exercise On Metabolism and Health?

Increasing your metabolic rate is one way in which you can increase the speed of your weight loss. Research over the years suggests that exercising outdoors may provide you with additional physiological benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness and immune function. It has also been found in some cases that outdoor exercise helps to increase your metabolic rate. The clear benefits of exercising outdoors make our beachside gym unmissable for Bournemouth residents.

How Outdoor Exercise Can Boost Mood and Reduce Stress

Outdoor fitness has many benefits, which is why many people choose to join our beachside gym in Bournemouth. Exercising in the fresh air is better than inside a stuffy gym, and outdoor exercise also offers the opportunity to take in Vitamin D by being out in the sun. A lot of people have also found that outdoor exercise has a positive impact on their mental health, allowing them to reduce everyday stresses and retain greater focus.

What Do We Offer?

At Who Dares Gyms, it’s crucial for us to cater to the needs of all potential attendees interested in losing weight at our beachside gym in Bournemouth. As a result, we continue to expand and enhance the courses and events we offer to gym attendees who wish to visit our facility. Below, you can learn more about some of the other exciting events we have available.

Special Forces Experience

We are in a unique position at Who Dares Gyms to offer genuine special forces experiences to interested parties. You and your friends will be led through a realistic scenario, during which our experienced operatives, many of whom are ex-UK Special Forces Operators, will push you. From agent RVs to live shooting, you’ll participate in various unique events that make up an experience like no other.

Team Development

If you organise or are a member of a sports team, we have the perfect courses for you. We offer specialised team development courses that will help you and your peers become a better unit that works together effectively. Our staff will organise a series of exercises and team-building events to improve fitness, mindset, mental toughness, team cohesion, and more.

School Development Events

We offer several courses that are perfect for school classes. Our team will tailor the exercises and team-building activities we prepare to suit your students. Our goal is to increase the confidence and determination of the students who enrol in our development courses. Your students will emerge more disciplined, mature, courageous, and independent.

Special Forces Stag Do

While our special forces events are undoubtedly intense and unique experiences, they are also incredibly enjoyable for those interested. With this in mind, we offer several special forces stag do packages for those who want to have a memorable day out with their friends.

The Who Dares Experience

Our Who Dares Experiences are unparalleled. You’ll spend most of the day participating in a confidential mission led by a team of our ex-UK Special Forces experts. From firing live rounds to our unique immersive missions, you’ll acquire critical thinking skills and physical abilities that will last long after the event has concluded.

Corporate Special Forces Experience

If you believe your work team could benefit from our special forces events, be sure to register for one of our corporate experiences. We’ll customise our course to ensure that every member of your team is accommodated and made to feel at ease during this unique event.

Individual Special Forces Experience

Our special forces experiences are not limited to groups alone, as we also offer individual special forces events for those who are interested. You can learn more about the unique course options we offer for individuals by Looking through our Individual Special Forces events page!

Private Special Forces Experience

Many groups who contact us for special forces events want to have a memorable experience with their friends. If you want to take advantage of a private special forces experience and have a customised event package designed to meet your requirements, contact us now.

Why You Should Choose Us

At Who Dares Gyms, we take pride in operating the UK’s first fully-fledged beach gym. Our staff work tirelessly to maintain a cutting-edge facility that is welcoming and accessible to all. Whether you visit our gym with the goal of losing weight or improving general fitness, you’ll have access to everything you require to achieve your fitness objectives.

Our team is made up of highly skilled trainers, many of whom have served in the UK Special Forces. Thanks to our personnel’s expertise and dedication, we can help all of our gym attendees to lose weight effectively. We want all of our gym attendees to feel at ease and welcome when they exercise at our beachside facility.


We recognise that enrolling in a new gym can be a daunting experience, even under the best circumstances. Our team is also aware that you probably have many queries about our beach facilities. To simplify matters for new gym members and those interested in losing weight in Bournemouth, we have created a helpful FAQ page filled with valuable information. If you still have additional questions after taking a look through this page, be sure to contact our professionals.


In the time that we’ve been operating, many individuals have taken advantage of our Bournemouth gym with the goal of weight loss in mind. Thanks to the efforts of our team, we’ve received a host of positive reviews from past participants, many of which are available for you to read on our dedicated testimonials page. The feedback praises the quality of our facilities and the expertise of our personnel.


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