Self-Defence Classes for Women

Welcome to Who Dares Gyms, the premier beach gym in Bournemouth, where you can work out alongside members of people from all different types of backgrounds and fitness abilities. Our unique gym offers a variety of classes to suit all skill levels and abilities, making fitness accessible to everyone.

With our ex-Special Forces trainers, you can learn valuable defence skills in a safe and supportive environment. If you’re interested in joining our gym or learning more about our classes, get in touch today through our contact form.

Self-Defence Classes for Women - Techniques, Instructors, And Benefits

Who Dares Gyms recognises the importance of self-defence skills for women. Hence, we offer self-defence classes that impart practical techniques and mindset training to help you stay safe. Our instructors are ex-Special Forces and mindset training with extensive experience in hand-to-hand combat, and situational awareness making them highly skilled. and knowledgeable to impart key lessons and life-saving techniques in a calm, controlled, and educational setting Our classes cover a range of techniques and goals including:

  • Safe ‘Escalated’ Striking
  • Grappling
  • Situational Awareness – how to avoid the problem before it presents itself
  • Keeping safe abroad

All our self-defence classes are delivered in a safe and supportive environment, ensuring that you make the desired progress to fulfil your goals as quickly as possible.

Build Confidence and Stay Safe with Our Self-Defence Classes for Women

Our women’s self-defence classes instil confidence and empowerment. We create a safe and supportive environment where women can learn self-defence techniques, build confidence in their abilities, and connect with like-minded women. By learning practical self-defence techniques, women can take control of their safety and feel empowered in their daily lives.

What to Expect from Self-Defence Classes for Women

Each of our women’s self-defence classes is structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience that covers a range of techniques and scenarios. Our classes are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced students. Our instructors begin by warming up students and teaching techniques to build strength, agility, confidence, and flexibility.

Students then learn practical self-defence techniques relevant to real-world situations. Our classes also cover situational awareness, avoidance strategies, and escape techniques, ensuring students are well-equipped with a comprehensive set of skills. You can then wind down at the relaxing Rockwater facility, with which we’ve partnered.

Ultimately, our goal is to equip you to be safer when out and about by identifying and avoiding potential dangers and knowing what to do if you find yourself in a position where you need to defend yourself.

Finding the Best Self-Defence Class for You

When choosing a women’s self-defence class, it is crucial to find a programme tailored to your individual needs and goals. At Who Dares Gyms, our comprehensive classes cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced students. Our ex-Special Forces instructors impart the highest standard of training and expertise, and our classes provide a supportive and empowering environment where women can learn and practice self-defence techniques.

What Will You Gain from Joining One of Our Self Defence Classes for Women?

Joining our women’s self-defence classes will equip you with essential skills that will remain with you for life. Our classes impart practical self-defence techniques applicable to real-world situations, providing you with tools to stay safe and in control.

Learning self-defence techniques will also instil confidence and empowerment, helping you feel safer and more secure in your daily life. Our classes provide a supportive and inclusive environment, connecting you with other women and sharing experiences and knowledge. Join Who Dares Gyms for an enabling and transformative self-defence training experience.

What Else Do We Do?

In addition to self-defence classes, you can come to us for any of the following experiences, events, or classes:

Special Forces Experience

Who Dares Gyms offers a Special Forces Experience package that allows individuals to train alongside ex-Special Forces members. Participants undergo an intensive programme that includes physical and mental training, simulation exercises, and survival techniques.

The programme aims to develop confidence, resilience, and leadership skills while providing an authentic experience of the training that Special Forces soldiers undergo. The package is available for individuals and groups, and participants can customise the programme according to their interests and abilities.

Special Forces Stag Do

Who Dares Gyms offers an unmatched stag party experience that includes intensive physical and mental training sessions with ex-Special Forces members. Our programme aims to enhance essential skills while providing a thrilling and unforgettable experience for the stag party. Our package includes an array of activities, including simulation exercises, live shooting, and survival techniques. Participants can personalise the package to meet their specific needs and abilities.

The Who Dares Experience

Who Dares Group provides an unparalleled elite programme called that offers a premium Special Forces training experience. Our package can include immersive missions, advanced survival techniques, and simulated scenarios designed to develop essential skills.

Corporate Special Forces Events

With the Who Dares Experience element of the WDG brand, we have a Special Forces Experience package designed specifically for corporate customers. Our package offers a rare and exclusive opportunity for individuals and teams to undergo training with ex-Special Forces, giving them a genuine and immersive experience of leadership, management, and team development training that Special Forces soldiers undergo, alongside a variety of educational talks, lectures, and workshops. This development is non-physical as standard, although additional activities with team building activities can be added to the package upon request.

Our programme is customised to meet the specific needs of each corporate team and is structured to enhance key skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Individual Special Forces Experience

And if you prefer attending events to meet new people, we also provide tailored Special Forces Experience packages for individuals seeking an extraordinary and immersive training experience. Once again, you’ll join a group of elite former soldiers as they put you through your paces. Our programme is structured to enhance essential skills such as leadership, resilience, and mental toughness, and includes intensive physical and mental training, simulation exercises, and survival techniques. An individual development day.

Private Special Forces Events 

Who Dares Gyms offers a range of exciting and unique event packages for individuals and groups, including corporate teams and stag/hen parties. Our packages include Special Forces Experience, beach boot camps, women’s self-defence classes, and bespoke team development programmes. Our events are led by ex-Special Forces members, ensuring a high standard of training and expertise. With customisable packages and affordable rates, Who Dares Gyms and Who Dares Experience provides the perfect service for a thrilling and unforgettable event.

WDG SAS Experience

We Also Specialise in Team Development 

We also excel when it comes to team development, and frequently work with clients that include:


We have a bespoke corporate team development programme tailored to meet every company’s unique needs. Our programme is designed to improve essential team-building skills such as communication, problem-solving, leadership and teamwork. We offer a perfect blend of educational lectures, workshops, and fun activities, encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zones and develop strong camaraderie.

Our programme is led by ex-Special Forces members, who utilise their wealth of experience to create an unforgettable and transformative experience for your corporate team.

Sports Team

We provide customised team development programmes for sports teams designed to cater to their development needs and requirements. Our programme focuses on more than just offering a unique physical challenge, but also on improving team communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills and instilling a strong sense of camaraderie. Once again, each programme is led by highly trained ex-Special Forces Operators.


Who Dares Gyms provides schools with a tailored student development programme to improve essential skills such as communication, leadership, and student teamwork. The programme, led by ex-Special Forces members, incorporates a combination of physical and mental challenges that challenge students and develops a sense of comradeship.

Why Choose Us?

Who Dares Gyms is the ultimate fitness destination for those seeking an authentic and life-changing experience. Our exclusive and immersive Special Forces Experience packages, tailored team development programmes, women’s self-defence classes, and beach boot camps are all led by ex-Special Forces members, ensuring the highest standard of training and expertise.

With affordable rates, bespoke packages, and a stunning location’s, Who Dares Gyms provides an unparalleled fitness and self-defence experience for all skill levels. Join Who Dares Gyms today for a memorable and transformative fitness journey that will stay with you forever.


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