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About Who Dares Group

Founded by Leo Walker, a 20-year veteran of one of Britain’s most elite military units, including 15 years in the special forces and five years in the Royal Marines, Who Dares Group (WDG) offers unparalleled training experiences. Leo is joined by Jason’ Foxy’ Fox, a star of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins and a pedigree within the Special Forces. Together, they lead the innovative brand that is WDG.

Who Dares Group

Services Offered

Keynote Talks: “High-Pressure Operations and Tactical Thinking”

Leo Walker brings his vast experience in leading high-pressure global operations to the table. Learn how his expertise in logistics and tactical thinking can be applied to your corporate strategies.

Motivational Talks: “From the Battlefield to the Boardroom”

Jason’ Foxy’ Fox, with his decade-long experience in the corporate and media world, shares how principles learned in live hostage rescues and global operations can transform your approach to challenges in business and life.

Public Speaking Engagements: “The WDG Vision and Mission”

Discover the ethos behind Who Dares Group as Leo and Foxy delve into their vision and mission. Learn how their diverse sets of mental and physical training plans can be tailored to various groups from different backgrounds.

Who Dares Group

Why Choose Who Dares Group?

Authentic Experience: Real-life lessons from individuals who have been on the frontline.

Customised Content: Talks can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Engaging Delivery: With natural flair and captivating stories, our speakers hold the audience’s attention from start to finish.

Who Dares Group

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